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Princess Theatre - What's On

The Princess Theatre is located on Torquay’s stunning seafront and is South Devon’s largest theatre with a seating capacity of 1,491. The theatre is a touring house offering a wide variety of live entertainment from operas and ballets to concerts, comedy and pantomime as well as touring West End musicals.

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Wednesday, 24th January 2018

Thursday, 1st February 2018

Friday, 2nd February 2018

Saturday, 3rd February 2018

Friday, 9th February 2018

Saturday, 10th February 2018

Monday, 12th February 2018

Thursday, 15th February 2018

Friday, 16th February 2018

Saturday, 17th February 2018

Tuesday, 20th February 2018

Thursday, 22nd February 2018

Friday, 23rd February 2018

Monday, 26th February 2018


Princess Theatre Torquay, Torquay

From: 26th February 2018
To: 3rd March 2018
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Sunday, 4th March 2018

Tuesday, 6th March 2018

Tuesday, 13th March 2018


Princess Theatre Torquay, Torquay

From: 13th March 2018
To: 17th March 2018
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Friday, 16th March 2018

Tuesday, 20th March 2018

Wednesday, 21st March 2018

Thursday, 22nd March 2018

Friday, 23rd March 2018

Saturday, 24th March 2018

Sunday, 25th March 2018

Tuesday, 27th March 2018

Wednesday, 28th March 2018

Thursday, 29th March 2018

Friday, 30th March 2018

Saturday, 31st March 2018

Sunday, 1st April 2018

Wednesday, 4th April 2018

Thursday, 5th April 2018

Friday, 6th April 2018

Sunday, 8th April 2018

Tuesday, 10th April 2018

Sunday, 15th April 2018

Monday, 16th April 2018

Saturday, 21st April 2018

Wednesday, 25th April 2018

Tuesday, 8th May 2018

Friday, 11th May 2018

Sunday, 13th May 2018

Saturday, 19th May 2018

Wednesday, 23rd May 2018

Saturday, 26th May 2018

Sunday, 3rd June 2018

Wednesday, 6th June 2018

Thursday, 7th June 2018

Friday, 8th June 2018

Sunday, 24th June 2018

Saturday, 30th June 2018

Friday, 6th July 2018

Saturday, 14th July 2018

Tuesday, 24th July 2018

Friday, 27th July 2018

Monday, 30th July 2018

This Is Elvis

Princess Theatre Torquay, Torquay

From: 30th July 2018
To: 4th August 2018
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Sunday, 5th August 2018

Monday, 20th August 2018

Saturday, 1st September 2018

Thursday, 6th September 2018

Saturday, 8th September 2018

Sunday, 23rd September 2018

Monday, 29th October 2018

Thursday, 1st November 2018

Sunday, 2nd December 2018