Heartbreak productions are hosting a virtual celebration of love this valentines day

Heartbreak productions have produced many virtual theatre events and concerts since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, and this valentines day are set to host a virtual celebration of all things love. The show aims to provide connection for those self - isolating, with no significant other, or living alone during this time over the “romantic” Valentine’s weekend.

Join this spectacular event for a celebration of love. Love for the people in our lives, the world we inhabit, and the things we cannot do without. Love for our families and friends. Love for art, music, mountain climbing, seascapes, the perfectly prepared pizza, or a delicious soak in a hot tub with a cold glass of Chablis. Love is what fills us with a feeling of never wanting to let go. Love is what remains when we leave infatuation behind. Love keeps us up all night laughing. Love keeps us up all night crying. Love builds us up. Love breaks us down. Love fascinates. Love infuriates. LOVE MATTERS.

“Love Matters” – a cabaret kaleidoscope of song, dance, drama and talking head conversations, focusing on the spectrum of love and what it means to us, will be streamed for two performances on Feb 13th. 

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