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Theatres Online / 01 Mar 19

Romeo and Juliet as you have never seen them before

THE RSC's Romeo and Juliet is currently touring and this week we caught their performance at the Grand Theatre in Blackpool. The show brings a new and modern way to experience Shakespeare, with street attitude, gender roles reversed and an introduction to rock/rave… This is Romeo and Juliet as you’ve never seen them before.

As quite possibly the most famous tragic love story of all time, it is always interesting to see how this tale in interpreted and presented in current times. However, with a female Mercutio and Prince, a potential gay crush, a fiery Juliet, modern music, street style and some city attitude – it is evident a statement is being made and Shakespeare boundaries are being pushed.

The entire cast were brilliant and (especially for those new to Shakespeare) made the language understandable and clear. Bally Gill's was especially enjoyable to watch and made for a truly marvellous modern Romeo.

This modernisation of the play is engaging yet still keeps the authenticity of Shakespeare’s work. So, regardless of age and interests, the Royal Shakespeare Company’s production of Romeo and Juliet should be seen by all.

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