Upcoming tour of Boeing-Boeing CANCELLED due to poor ticket sales


Upcoming tour of Boeing-Boeing CANCELLED due to poor ticket sales

Producers of the show have announced the upcoming tour of Boeing-Boeing has been cancelled due to poor advance ticket sales.

The tour of Boeing-Boeing was sheduled to open in just a few weeks on 4 September in Brighton before continuing on to cities including Glasgow, Southend, Richmond, Guildford, Birmingham, Winchester, Bromley, Derby, Peterborough, Darlington, Northampton, Huddersfield, Crewe, Dartford, Barnstaple and Woking and Nottingham.

Boeing-Boeing tells the story of a man, Bernard, who has managed to keep his three fiancés blissfully unaware of each other – until now. Three Flight Attendants, three different airlines, three different timetables, each perfectly manoeuvred to avoid Bernard’s intricate love life crashing down to earth. But it’s the 1960's, and Boeing have launched a new, faster aeroplane that’s going to create some serious turbulence, with Bernard’s three fiancés landing unexpectedly and simultaneously! As the hilarity really starts to take off, can Bernard survive while his long-suffering maid struggles to keep up with the changes and his befuddled friend Robert can’t even remember which stories go with which airline….?

If you have already purchased tickets for one of these performances, ticket holders are advised to contact their chosen point of purchase. 

The producers' full statement:

"It is with great sadness that we have had to make the decision not to go ahead with the forthcoming tour of Boeing-Boeing. Unfortunately, the advance ticket sales are simply not enough to make the tour viable. Although we love this play and it will always be very close to our hearts, it just doesn't seem to have captured the public's imagination like we hoped it would.

"We would like to thank all of those who have been working so hard to make this show a success and to everybody who has purchased tickets. We are truly sorry for the inconvenience this cancellation may cause."