Isaan Thai Cuisine

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Isaan Thai Cuisine

Isaan is the largest region of Thailand located northwest of the country and bordered by the Mekong River. It is surrounded by a spectacular nature and thanks to the tropical climate, in addition to a lot of sun and a high rainfall index makes the region is full of rice fields due to the humidity that this causes.

The culture of the people of Isaan is largely influenced by their traditions and their passion for cooking. Thai food is renowned for its unique flavoring of the dishes. Although spicy, Thai cuisine has a delicate balance that brings out the different flavors of the country.

In our restaurant we would like to offer you a piece of Thailand, in a pleasant environment all enlivened with a glass of wine from our cellar or if you prefer you can experience and enjoy our fruit cocktails.

If you are vegetarian you will find in our menu a great variety of dishes thought of you

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