Review: Peter Pan Pantomime at The Grand Theatre Blackpool

Review: Peter Pan Pantomime at The Grand Theatre Blackpool
Blackpool Grand Theatres 2019 Pantomime Peter Pan takes you on an enchanting journey with Peter Pan and the Darling children to Netherland to fight off a scary Pirate gang and avoid hungry crocodiles, with plenty of slapstick comedy and iconic pantomime humour thrown in. It is the perfect treat for all the family this Christmas.

The magic that Jack Heasman and Ruth Betteridge as Peter Pan and Wendy create with their whimsical performances have all the children (and adults) in the audience captivated. The scene when you first see the Darling children go on the flight to Neverland is truly enchanting and magical! This feeling is only added when Peter Pan flies above the audiences and fills everyone with gasps of delight. Rachel Grundy as Tinkerbell is delightfully sassy, feisty but very likeable and the fact that she is on roller skates means she gracefully glides around the stage like a real fairy- an excellent touch!

The vocals are flawless with a perfect mix of heartfelt musical numbers and comedy songs that perfectly add to the story line and help move it along. It is a credit to the producers that the children in the audience are all so captivated that they are constantly singing and dancing along creating a delightful festive atmosphere- that’s when they’re not screaming ‘he’s behind you’ or trying to avoid getting soaked by water pistols!!

The Pirate Crew are played by comedy acrobat group The Nitwits, you can expect hilarious slip stick comedy and impressive flips that keep the whole family on the edge of their seats. Their performance is made even more brilliant by one of the crew ‘tubs’ who spends the whole performance with a bucket on his head after it getting stuck in the opening scene this is both hilarious and impressive especially when he does triple somersaults and whole dance routines without the bucket falling off.

The Pirate Crew obviously wouldn’t be complete without the evil Captain hook portrayed in the most wonderful way by former Emmerdale star Tom Lister and his comedy side kick Smee performed by Blackpool pantomime legend Steve Royle. These two completely steal the show with their classic pantomime gags that have everybody in stitches. The rendition of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody by the whole Pirate Crew is nothing but comedy genius. Their performances are so good you sometimes accidentally cheer and then remember you are supposed to be booing and hissing!

A huge shout out to all the child actors and the dancers from Barbara Jacksons who were all amazing.

If you’re looking for a sprinkle of fairy dust this Christmas Peter Pan is running until 5th January 2020.


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