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Fulham Opera

Fulham Opera present their biggest opera yet - Wagner's Die Meistersinger. Performances will occur on 9, 11, 14 and 17th August 2019. Performances will begin at 5pm, except on Sunday 11th, when the performance will begin at 3pm. Performances will take place at the Greenwood Theatre, 55 Weston Street, SE1 3RA, about 2 minutes walk from London Bridge station. You can make an enormous difference by Sponsoring A Meister here. Cast: Hans Sachs: Keel Watson & Steven Fredericks Walther von Stolzing: Ronald Samm & Florian Thomas Eva: Catharine Woodward & Philippa Boyle Magdalene: Sarah Denbee Beckmesser: Jonathan Finney David: Edward Mout Pogner: Gerard Delrez Kothner: Andrew Mayor Ortel: Ian Wilson-Pope Foltz: Henry Grant-Kerswell Zorn: Phil Clieve Eisslinger: John Rodger Nachtigall: Tom Asher Moser: Holden Madagame Schwarz: Simon Grange Vogelgesang: Roberto Barbaro The Nightwatchman: Robert Byford Directed by Paul Higgins Conducted by Ben Woodward
9 - 17 Aug


Greenwood Theatre