The Counterfeit Stones



The Counterfeit Stones

Why pay a fortune to see ants in a stadium when for a fraction of the price you can get up close and smell the faking brilliance of the Counterfeit Stones - described as a Rolling Stones’ hooky masterpiece. Their latest fast shuffle - Not Fake Away , promises yet another night of utter Copy-Rock. Now in their 29th year, these fraud-stars continue to deliver the best “mock ‘n’ roll” show on the circuit. Packed with big hits, retro fashion, vintage guitars and a huge dollop of “Spinal Tap” humour, it’s Satis-fiction guaranteed. So Come On all you Honky Tonks and Pretend The Night Together !
The Counterfeit Stones
29 May

From £31.05

Tunbridge Wells

Assembly Halls

30 May @ 20:30

From £16.50


Robin, The