Apparat @ Barbican Centre

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    Electronic musician Apparat, aka Sascha Ring, performs a dancefloor-transcending set as he embarks on his first solo tour since 2013. Apparat’s music is a constant experiment. Having started off making club-oriented techno, he’s produced everything from ambient electronica, to dream pop, to drone. Unifying all of his musical output is a meticulous attention to detail, and above all, an ear for melodies that lodge themselves in your memory. Tonight, he brings together old and new material in a set designed for the concert hall. Releasing his debut album Multifunktionsebene in 2001, Apparat has been tirelessly productive ever since. In addition to his solo work, he’s also a member of Moderat, a collaboration with Modeselektor. Recently, he’s been focused on music for film and TV, including Capri–Revolution, which won Best Soundtrack at the Venice Film Festival, and his collaboration with Transforma on performance piece Manufactory was performed at the Barbican in 2018.
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