The Elves and the Shoemaker @ Lighthouse Centre

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    Sam Lacey makes shoes that are out of this world. His imagination is huge but his shoe-making business is a disaster! Why would anyone buy a pair of Banana Skin slippers or spend money on shoes for a spider?! Even his neighbour Belinda can’t get him to see sense.

    Then, one night, two tiny green visitors climb into his kitchen and start stitching and cutting and snipping and gluing…Sam Lacey is about to get the surprise of a lifetime!

    This hilarious re-telling of the much-loved classic tale from the inescapably inventive Stuff and Nonsense is a total delight for all the family, full of wit, charm and surprising puppetry.

    Stuff and Nonsense return with another treat for the whole family, following recent shows The Enormous Turnip, The Emperor’s New Clothes and last year’s extraordinarily popular The Gingerbread Man.

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