Black Midi @ Motion & The Marble Factory

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    Uncompromising but still melodic: strap yourself in for the experimental sound of maverick four-piece black midi. The band is curiously voiced vocalist/guitarist Geordie Greep, guitarist Matt Kwasniewski-Kelvin, bassist Cameron Picton and drummer Morgan Simpson. All under the age of 21, they met at the Brit School and built their reputation through fierce, driven gigs at Brixton’s Windmill, before supporting Shame and performing at SXSW – making a number of ‘best band’ lists – on their debut American tour. Their reference points include rapper Danny Brown, Death Grips, Deerhoof, Miles Davis and Talking Heads, and their sound has been described as ‘country twangs, ambient textures, funky basslines, industrial beats, and noisy riffs – sometimes in the same song’ (The Outline). The band’s first recordings are produced by Speedy Wunderground’s Dan Carey. Greep comments: ‘we've always tried to make it heavy but danceable, melodic but good rhythms. It is accessible music, there are experimental aspects that we've taken from when we went crazy at the beginning, we've just reined it in to make something that is pop music.’
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