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    What could be more romantic than giving your lover a mix tape? That’s what scientist Carl Sagan thought in 1977 when he compiled his Golden Record on behalf of all humanity and sent it shooting off into space in search of friendship, love and maybe more. Forty-two years later, why haven’t the aliens messaged us back? Is it because our message came across as arrogant, colonial and sexist? ‘Don’t Talk to Strangers’ is a disruptive parody of revisionist history - a story made by men but retold by women; four women on a collision course with our own problematic history. ‘Don’t Talk to Strangers’ is both an intersectional re-evaluation of this ground-breaking musical love letter and a trashy rom-com about us and the aliens. Told through visually rich theatrical language, this ensemble show layers complex sound-art, celestial lighting and transcendental movement over a modern day science fiction story. Structured like a mixtape, ‘Don’t Talk to Strangers’ is told through a series of vignettes, each moment building on the last; until the gravitational pull forces the story to fold in on itself. Come and witness both the vastness of interstellar space and the domestic intimacy of a love story. Flicker by flicker, Hot Cousin light the stage until it looks like the middle of the cosmos.
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