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    After hit runs at Assembly, Edinburgh and Theatre 503 - 'Zoo' returns to the stage to coincide with publication by Nick Hern (text available for sale at VAULT 2020). Welcome to ‘Cherokee Valley Zoo and Conservation Centre’, where the most dangerous event to ever take place was the Tapir's caesarian section. But when a hurricane heads straight for Miami, Bonnie rushes to keep her animals safe. Across the world in the Yorkshire dales – Carol feels the repercussions. However, the danger turns out to be deeper and darker than the weather. A play about 'climate change' both in the weather and in the discussion of the female experience, our relationships to the natural world, and perceptions of a life well lived. What do you do when you’ve always liked animals more than people and suddenly those animals are under threat? How do the decisions we make in a crisis shape our destiny? Sometimes our loyalty and commitment make us who we are... sometimes we drink too many margaritas and go home with Ian Butterwick, giant otter expert and notorious zoo lothario. From Lily Bevan - co-writer of Talking to Strangers w/Sally Phillips (BBC Radio 4) and writer/performer of Pheasant Plucker (Edinburgh sellout 2015) comes this glorious story of two complex, funny, awkward women. A tale of tragedy, courage, flamingoes and the need to escape.
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