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Bramham Park

Leeds Festival is the number one UK music festival taking place over August Bank Holiday Weekend.


Alcohol Under 18’s will not be able to bring, buy or consume alcohol on site. The bars will ask for ID for anyone who looks under 21. An optional Over 18 wristband will be available free of charge from inside the site for over 18’s who look under 21 but do not wish to carry proof of age around with them. We have a Challenge 21 Policy on site and as from October 2013 the following are accepted as ID on site for the bars and cigarettes – 1. A passport 2. An EU photocard driving licence 3. A proof of age card bearing a PASS hologram 4. A Ministry of Defence identity card 5. A National Identity card issued by an EU member state. If you don’t have any of these, or don’t want to lose valuable documents on site, we suggest that you apply for a PASS approved ID, some of which are free to get. Go to – Please bring ID if you are lucky enough to look under 21 years old and remember that legally there is no automatic right to be served alcohol. Service is always at the discretion of the licensee for whatever reason he or she decides, and the licensee is under no obligation to explain the reason. Day Ticket Entry Day ticket holders should be aware that some of the main arenas are tented and have limited capacities. Tickets holders should allow ample time to enter and find the arena their favourite acts are playing to arrive early enough to ensure the tents are not already full. Day tickets are not valid for entry before 8am or after midnight on the day stated on the ticket. Lost or stolen Tickets We do not offer duplicates or replacements for lost or stolen tickets under any circumstances. We do not accept printed confirmation e-mails as proof of purchase. Although customers will be asked at the entry gates to show they are in possession of a valid ticket (and the tickets checked for validity) customers should only surrender their full ticket to the staff inside the wristband exchange tents. The ticket will be exchanged for a wristband which then allows re-entry to the festival site for the weekend. There is no re-entry to the festival site or entry to the arena with a ticket. Ticket refunds or returns Tickets are non-transferable. We do not take returns and cannot change a ticket if a customer has booked incorrectly. No refunds other than on cancellation, substantial alteration or by special exception determined by the promoter. In the case of cancellation, substantial alteration or by special exception refunds should be obtained from the point of purchase no later than three months from the last day of the event. A minimum of the face value of the ticket will be refunded. Refunds of booking fees per ticket are subject to the Terms and Conditions of the point of sale. Onsite Facilities Bars, Cash Points, First Aid and Paramedics, Food and Non Food stalls, Information Tent, Property Storage, Lockers including phone recharging facilities, Merchandise, Showers, Welfare Tent, Fun Fair, Eviction Policy As well as for inappropriate/anti-social behaviour, anyone seen on site without a valid wristband will be ejected. There is a formal eviction policy for festival goers that are seen displaying, or inciting, inappropriate, offensive or illegal activity. If evicted customers will not be permitted back to your tent to collect your belongings. Instead, you will be offered a phone call to a friend on site who will have to pack your stuff down and take it home for you. Those evicted will not be readmitted to the event and tickets will not be refunded. Water There are free drinking water points throughout the campsites and arena in most cases next to the toilet blocks. They are all signed as suitable for drinking and the supply is tested daily. Seating Leeds Festival is an open air non seated event Running Orders We do not release the line-up times in advance. Programmes & line-ups will be available to purchase on site and displayed in the information tents daily. Any changes to the running order are passed on to the Information Tents and should also be posted on the large information boards situated throughout the site. Weather Policy There is no refund or exchange available; the event will go ahead regardless of rain etc. Please dress for the prevailing weather conditions. Bring sunscreen and wellies. Cameras Cameras are normally permitted for personal use. Cameras with telephoto lenses will not be allowed through the arena entrance. Professional cameras and video/audio equipment are strictly prohibited. Live video/audio recordings made without the permission of the artiste/promoter are prohibited. Information Line For any questions that you cannot find the answer to please call the Festival Republic Information Line on 020 7009 3001

Children aged 12 and under are free and do not need to purchase a ticket but must be accompanied by a ticket holding adult. Those aged 13 -15 must purchase a full priced Weekend or Day ticket and can only enter the campsites (weekend ticket holders only) and arena accompanied by a ticket holding adult. Those aged 16 or over on the day of arrival at the festival do not need to be accompanied by an adult.