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Kadas Lounge

Kadas is located in the heart of the city and is an ideal place to meet friends and relax. It serves middle eastern and mediterrain cuisine and it also one of the best Shisha lounge in the northern areas.

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Hansa's Gujarati Restaurant

Gujarat is the same size area as England, is on the western coast of India. As with the rest of India it is a Hindu state. Hindu's are forbidden to kill any animals so vegetarian has been the way of life.

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Vice & Virtue

Vice & Virtue offer three tasting menus which all come with a drink package to make the dining experience even better and all of this comes at exceptional value for the customer. The exclusive drinks that normally come by the bottle you get the chance to have it by the glass.

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Sushi Waka Restaurant

Sushi Waka restaurant provides itself on serving good quality food also with good service and experience. There chef Rui Wang has had over 20 years experience and has worked at top restaurants in London and he wants to leave his mark on leeds with his cooking.

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Noodle House

Here at Noodle House we pride ourself on serving good quality noodles along with good quality service. This is so the customer can get the best experience when eating the chefs specialised dishes who are more than qualified.

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