Review: Back To The Future The Musical Manchester Opera House

Review: Back To The Future The Musical Manchester Opera House

Where we're going we don't need roads, just tickets to Back To The Future the Musical!

As an on-screen digital clock counted down to the start of the show the atmosphere in the theatre was nothing short of incredible- the audience were so excited that the standing ovation and roars of cheers traditionally reserved for the end of the show erupted as soon as Marty McFly appears on stage. True to the original film the show starts with Marty arriving at Doc Brown’s place and when realising he isn’t in starts playing his electric guitar- the special effects used here are astonishing and only a small taster of what’s to come. 

The production team have done an incredible job of transporting the audience back to the future: at parts you are even in the seat of the famous DeLorean speeding up to 88mph to eventually land in 1955- you can’t really dream of anything more remarkable than that. Along with incredible video design, fire, bubbles and many more surprises (that we won’t spoil for you) the visuals are spectacular.

Although the original actors in the film franchise are some very large boots to fill, the way that the characters we have adored for over 30 years are captured in this musical is a delight! Olly Dobson as Marty, from his mannerisms to the way he makes all the ladies swoon with his hair flicks, gets everything spot on. His parents played by Hugh Coles and Rosanna Hyland are wonderful and may as well have jumped straight out of the film set, they are that great! However the biggest praise of all has to be reserved for Roger Bart who arguably has the biggest shoes to fill in his role of Doc – he delivers his own manic version proving he was 100% made for the role!

There is a great deal on offer for fans including fantastic renditions of the films greatest hits which are received greatly by the audience who enthusiastically sing and clap along! But as well as featuring songs from the films the soundtrack to this musical also includes many powerful ballads and fun hits! The music is great, fits with the storyline perfectly and is even accompanied by some funky dance moves! 

First stop Manchester, Next stop the future…. 



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