The Vaults to presnt brand new show Dante's in Furlough


The Vaults to presnt brand new show Dante's in Furlough

The doors have been dusted off and sanitised again and again, ready for the filth and scourge of London to descend into the depths of Hell aka The Vaults, in this covid-safe brand-new show: Dante's In Furlough from the 15th October. Directed by Sam Carrack and written by Carrack and Ami Stidolph, this show is based on  Shel Silverstein's epic poem "Billy Markham and the Devil".

Amidst the doom and gloom of a pandemic, can our spirits sink any lower? Well yes, right down to the pits of Hell itself, as The Devil invites you to attend his wedding in the underworld (other times known as The Vaults).  For you to progress further, you're going to have to lie, betray and cheat to beat the Devil at his own game, making your way through each circle of Hell; becoming his worst men, maids and all round rascals, in earning your seat at his wedding table.

Through each of these circles you'll face all your vices, be they lust, gluttony, greed or something altogether more sinister. Your demonic guide will keep you in check and in trouble, along with your quarantine dearest or social bubble. Should you appear all too moral for their liking, then face being banished to the plains of Earth, missing out on all the hedonism Hell hath to offer!

The piece will feature allocated time slots and staggered audiences, to keep participants safe and prevent the spread of infection. It runs from 15 October to 30 December, with tickets from £20.

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