Bunga Bunga Covent Garden

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Bunga Bunga Covent Garden

"Six years after the opening of the legendary Battersea bar and pizzeria, Bunga Bunga arrived in Covent Garden. On the ground floor, discover a family pizzeria and bar, BungaTINI. Below, accessed through an inconspicuous back door, lies an incredible secret world serving an Italian sharing feast, extensive drinks menu and immersive variety shows.

Each night has its own identity and unique show! On Wednesday nights, immerse yourselves in the world of the West End, as actors take you from musical to musical, singing your favourite hits and performing your much-loved scenes right around your tables. Join us every Thursday for My Big Phat Roman Wedding, the ultimate tongue-in-cheek battle for Valentina’s hand in marriage. You'll be sure to be both blushing and roaring with laughter at the same time!

On Friday nights, the Italian Circus is in town, bringing you the most spectacular of spectacles! Watch in awe at the world's strongest man, or stare in wonder at the jaw-dropping Storm Hooper.

And, on Saturdays, if you're looking for a party brunch with a twist, look no further! Our infamous Matinee Brunch is the ultimate way to spend your Saturday afternoon. Then, in the evening, enjoy some of the best of Bunga, as you experience our incredible Legends Variety Show.