Floral Pavilion Theatre



Floral Pavilion Theatre

Located on the promenade overlooking the River Mersey, it varies in a mix of comedy, music and children's shows including a Christmas pantomime.

The original theatre opened in 1913 as an open-air summer theatre within the Victoria Gardens. In 1925 it was covered by an iron and glass roof and during the mid-1960s it was largely rebuilt, with a full metal roof.

The theatre closed in 2007 and was demolished as part of the town's £60 million Neptune Project redevelopment plans. The building was rebuilt to a new design and reopened in December 2008. The first act to perform at the venue after reopening was Ken Dodd, who has had a long association with the Floral Pavilion, making his first appearance in 1940. As well as an enlarged theatre auditorium, seating over 800, the complex also provides for conference facilities and a large multi-purpose lounge area.