Caravan Palace @ Cambridge Corn Exchange

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    After bringing a futuristic shine to a not so simple past on a backdrop of dancefloor beats, the Golden Twenties cyberpunks reinvent themselves with cocky carelessness in a surprising but much awaited new album.

    In fact, Caravan Palace don't limit themselves to the tightness of their first effort, neither do they stick to the opulence of their sophomore album as they keep on dusting off the well organized shelves of music history.

    No messy mash ups here. At the Palace, genres get digested and refreshed in a classy (but not too classy) manner. And the new Caravan (project) is rough at the edges, punchy and badass.

    Decadent, groovy and always an evidence, it takes its time and shines in the dark. In an era when "has-been" is all the hype, it couldn't care less about trends but doesn't shy away from the pum-tchaks and wap-doo-waps. At its own pace, it writes the music of tomorrow and beyond. The one that's carefree, bouncy and contains real instrumental pieces. The one that goes beyond time, style and dance floors.

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