Why I Am An Avocado @ New Wimbledon Theatre

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    #FromtheFringe Why I am an Avocado is a semi-interactive performance which dissects gay stereotypes alongside an exploration of the personal relation with queer identity and the LGBT+ community. Fragments of queer narratives, characters and confessions tie together with the question we all ask: what makes me an avocado? Am I ripe? Do I come in a pair with unnecessary plastic protecting me from squeezing hands? Or am I just a soft single, left in the corner, destined to be part of the never ending food waste? There might be an answer, there probably won’t be. Meet Keith and Delilah who invite the audience to find their true purpose, one that they are confident they cannot, and will not, turn away from. With games, exercises, and confessions, Keith and Delilah intend to unlock the potential within all of us. Then there is Juliet where in this re-telling of her story the conflict resides not with her family but rather with her own subconscious. A back-and-forth battle between the two taking place with an unsuspecting Romeo as the sole witness. In Callum’s Corner, a TV agony aunt gives his advice on the issues facing his long-time and loyal viewers. Trying his best, prepare for some interesting tips on dealing with some of life’s most difficult situations. Each of these characters and their interactions speak to the multitude of queer experiences. Their stories are told with love, laughter and honesty, which gives this comedy show more layers than first expected.
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    Tue, 9th Jun 2020 @ 19:45