The Pogue Traders @ The Queen's Hall

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    The Pogue Traders conclude their 'In The Bleak Mid Winter' tour with a must catch Christmas hoolie in The Dublin Castle. A marriage made in heaven, The Dublin and The Pogue Traders is truly the finest festive hoedown you could hope for. If you love the music of The Pogues have no fear it's in extremely good hands with these boys and girl. They play a wide selection of classics from all eras of Shane MGowan and company's illustrious back catalogue and do it so incredibly well you don't whether to dance, laugh or cry. Or drinkheavily if responsibly. About as good a night out as you could hope a special appearance from Paul Maddog McGuiness- Ex-The Popes, (Shane McGowans post Pogues band). Adam Masterson opens proceedings from 8pm. DJ s We Got Killers take you through to 2am with a reet Christmas Cracker of dancefloor fun. *This show was rescheduled from 20th December*
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