Short Stories By Kevin Lee @ The Drayton Theatre

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    Playwright Kevin Lee will be celebrating his tenth full-length theatre production with a collection of newly written short plays at The Drayton Arms Theatre in London. The Plays Written and directed by Kevin Lee Snookered Set inside a snooker hall, a young man takes a break from session in order to open up about the world’s problems, if there is anyone out there who will listen. The Ballad of Davey G Ben invites Mark round to his place in an attempt for them to discover their true selves, the reason they exist, and just who Davey G really is! Postcode Lottery The ghost of a teenage boy comes back to visit his killer to show them what life could have been. Bright Lights Lucy is writing a letter. She has been self-reflecting. But she has been self-reflecting all her life. To try and explain. For any hurt caused. She never meant to hurt anyone. What’s on the surface, is not what’s going on underneath. The circumstances which shape us can’t be helped. Lucy hopes people will understand. One day. First sight Millie and Sadie get on just great. But letting go is the hardest part.
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